Wednesday 17th of January 2018

Aries daily horoscope – January 17 2018

Staying grounded and focusing on hard work will be the theme of today’s New Moon. With 6 planets in your career sector, you have a rare opportunity to set intentions for solid professional progress. With sweet Venus close by, the key to your success will be from collaboration and teamwork. If you feel called to get in tune with the Moon, start by downloading this free PDF with all the New and Full Moon dates for 2018.

Aries horoscope week beginning October 16 2017

Careful you don’t go out too hard this week, as Mars moves into a sensitive part of your chart.

You could find yourself letting that famous Aries temper of yours get the better of you and you probably won’t be happy with the results.

On the upside, there is a New Moon in your Love Zone this week so at least one of your important relationships can begin all over again.

Relationships are always in flux but this is a fresh start.

Aries October 2017 Stars

What a month! After a year in partner-oriented Libra and your solar seventh house of one-to-one relationships, generous, jovial Jupiter will move on. Lest you think the romance is over, consider the fact that he’ll be moving into your solar eighth house of intimate relationships – oh, and he’ll be wearing sexy Scorpio for the coming year.

Obviously, if you’ve been dating and things haven’t yet become all that serious between you, a Big Time change could be en route, ranging from deciding to become exclusive to cohabitation or marriage. If you’re happy, you’re probably ready to take this next step anyway, so congratulations. Go forth merrily and optimistically and blend your lives.

Scorpio is an all-or-nothing kind of energy, however, so if you’re not pleased with your current situation, this month could mark the moment you decide to cut your losses and move forward on your own. That goes double if you’ve been shouldering most or all of the financial burdens and responsibilities.

And speaking of finances, this house also holds the keys to issues pertaining to joint finances and shared resources, so loans, inheritances or the care and disposition of communal possessions will probably also be on your agenda.

Fortunately, any changes that do come along should be easy to handle fairly – for now, at least – thanks to lovely, peaceful Venus in Libra, who’s always happy to help negotiate happy endings for all parties concerned. Finally, be sure to take advantage of the Moon in disguise-loving Pisces to dress yourself up and have a fabulous Halloween!