Friday 19th of January 2018

Cancer daily horoscope – January 19 2018

You’ve a wonderful way of sugar coating difficult requests, or of making the impossible sound possible, or of making it sound like it’s as much in their interest as it is in yours. You might also be in the mood for the company of an escapist friend, book, movie etc. Have you got your free New Year’s Gift yet? Discover your number 1 challenge and opportunity in 2018? Click here for our free mini-guide that will help you to create, plan and predict your life.

Cancer weekly horoscope – October 16 2017

If you’re wondering when your home and family life will turn a corner, it could be; now.

This week brings the New Moon in your 4th House (the part of the chart that is all about domestics).

You’re definitely at the start of a new cycle when it comes to those closest to you and/or where you actually live.

If you want to make changes re a close family relative or to your abode, declaring your intentions is the first step.         

Cancer monthly horoscope – October 2017

This month is going to be big for you, for many reasons! The first few days of the month will be fairly calm, but by October 6th, we will have an Aries Full Moon taking place in the achievement part of your Sky. This will be a time to embrace attention, because other people will likely be taking notice of you. Reaching a state of greater success is likely going to be a big focus for you. On October 10th, Jupiter, the Planet of growth and wisdom, will move into the Sign of Scorpio. This will be a very positive change for you, and will likely be the beginning of a year of luck and happiness. This is a time of embracing joy, and expressing your creative side! And finally, On October 20th we will have a Libra New Moon, which will be taking place in the home and family part of your Sky. This may be a time that your home life undergoes a new beginning. Moving; redecorating; or simply spending more time at home are all cosmically supported. You also may find that you’re drawn to connect with your roots, so it will be an amazing time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Frequently, connecting with family reminds us of who we are, so it’s a good idea to reach out to mom and dad towards the end of the month. Overall, October is a time of balancing your public pursuits with your private life.