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Mercury is going retrograde……

Today Mercury – the communications planet – starts a retrograde cycle. This time around, it’s in the sign of Leo. I had an email from someone recently asking if Leos will feel this more than anyone else and the answer is yes – but also no! Reason being, we all have Leo somewhere in our chart. That’s just how astrology works. So today, your forecast looks at where you can expect to feel the Mercury retrograde cycle this time around. If you would like to get ALL the Mercury retrograde info for this cycle and future cycles, grab out Mercury retrograde eBook here – with everything you every wanted to know about Mercury retrograde through all the signs and houses and elements and everything else! It’s here. Or if you would prefer we work it all out for you, click herefor your personalised Mercury retrograde chart.
MERCURY RETROGRADE IS HAPPENING IN… Your Sex and Money Zone. Over the next few weeks, try not to sigh too deeply and change the subject if and when someone asks you “What are you thinking?” Ditto if someone seems intent on having a Very Serious Conversation with you about Where This Whole Thing Is Going. Right now, Mercury is reversing through your intimacy zone. In some ways you have the choice – drop at least one emotional barrier now or call the whole thing off. OK that’s over dramatic, not to mention too black and white, but over the next few weeks, you really are being challenged by the Universe to allow someone else to get under your skin – especially if you’ve been trying to keep them at a distance just because you’re scared of letting anyone too close. At the same time, this part of your chart is about your shared finances – that’s where your cash is involved with someone else. It could be re your mortgage, your pay, your debts, credit cards and/or loans. Or it could be where you’re in a financial partnership with someone. At worst there could be confusion, missing payments and misunderstandings. At best you now get a chance to pay off an old debt, someone pays you back and/or you have a real chance to renegotiate at least one important financial agreement. Want to work with (and not against!) Mercury retrograde? Get your personalised Mercury retrograde chart based on your time, date and place of birth here