March 26 2017

We have just had the New Moon in Aries and Venus is still going backwards.

The stage is well and truly set for us all to do some re-evaluating. For example, now is a very important time for us all to think about our work/life balance. That is a hackneyed phrase now but it applies as Venus retrogrades.

Have you been working too hard? Is it doing you in? At what point do you stay ‘enough’ if your working life is demanding too much?

If you are happy with your level on income, good for you. if you want more, are you willing to work harder to earn more?

Now is the time to think about what you value and what really matters to you, as Venus appears to reverse. What are you willing to do for money? Do you frown on rich or poor people – or neither? Do you value your time with your family above all else or not and, depending on your answer, are you living in tune with that value?

Whatever you answer is totally fine. But if someone is different to you, has different values, does that stand in the way of our friendship? Friendships and relationships are also all being reviewed now. How do you feel about your nearests and dearests? Is someone taking someone for granted? If so, it’s time for change!

Who do you really love? Do you still love someone the way that they used to? Have they changed? Have you changed? In a good way? These are the sorts of questions which come up as Venus is reversing.

On the world stage, it’s also a time to see how we all feel about women, and to re-evaluate women’s worth to society (hence the recent women’s marches!) Venus is reversing in the sign of Aries, associated with the oh-so masculine planet Mars. These are important times for women everywhere. Embrace your inner Goddess!