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Gemini daily horoscope – July 22 2018

Chaos reigns!

The hits just keep coming astrologically right now. Can you feel it? Personally I am getting a massive hit from the planet of chaos and madness, Uranus. If you feel like your life is all over the place and you don’t know which way us up, if you’re having lots of blindingly good ideas and/or you’re evolving at the speed of light, you are probably feeling the recent move of Uranus as well. You will feel it more if you happen to be Taurus or Taurus Rising, Scorpio or Scorpio Rising or one of the signs which clashes with Taurus and Scorpio, namely Leo or Aquarius.

But wait, there’s more…

And for everyone else? Well hang on to your hats and hormones because not only do we have disruptor planet Uranus creating shock waves, but this week we also have the lunar eclipse, this time around in the sign of Aquarius, which by the way is the sign associated with the planet Uranus, which ups the ante even more. Why? Because the Full Moon eclipse will in some subtle ways further activate unpredictable Uranus, the plane that rules, among other things, chaos theory.

Are you starting to get a picture of the vibes?

Eclipses are intense…

Those of you who have been reading my column for some time now will know that I focus a lot on eclipses. That’s because I have seen their power in my own life. Most memorably I was clinging on to a relationship which was positively toxic (many, many Moons ago now). A Full Moon eclipse which made a direct hit on my chart saw me being forced to leave, despite having clung on long after it was anything even remotely healthy.

That’s the thing with eclipses. You need to release your grip on whatever is no longer working for you, before the Universe does it for you. It’s always much harder if the Universe does it for you!

Also remember to do your forgiveness practises this week. Forgive yourself and anyone else who needs it. It breaks bad karma and frees you.

Work with the eclipse…

Once a month I release a free Full Moon worksheet designed specifically to help you to work with the Full Moon vibes – here is the one for this week’s eclipse.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope May 13 to May 19 2018

The good news is that your friendships are going to be a whole lot less unpredictable now, as the planet of mayhem, Uranus, leaves your Friendship Zone after a stay of seven years. If you feel as though people have been rather random in that time, that was the Uranian energy which finally easing. And where is Uranus going? Into your 12th House to stir up your spiritual life and your fears. Ditch the baggage which has help you back.

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March has quite straightforward astrology – there are no major planetary clashes. However it has one rather outstanding feature and that is a double Full Moon, also known as a Blue Moon!

The first Full Moon comes on March 2 in the sign of Virgo. The second one comes on March 31 in the sign of Libra.

There is no actual astrological significance to having two Full Moons in one calendar month. However there is a symbolic significance; the Full Moon is the time to release negativity from our lives, so March gives us double the usual chances to detox emotionally.

Remember the Moon is the Queen of Emotions, and as she swells, our emotions do too. Women in particular have worked with the Full Moon for literally thousands of years. The practise was lost for a while (when being seen to work with the Moon could get you burned at the stake!) but it’s coming back.

Click here for info about how to work with the double Full Moons


So while we are talking about the Moon, here are the Moon times for the month ahead..

Full Moon on March 2 (Sydney) at 12 Virgo
Full Moon Details:
SYDNEY: March 2, 11.51am
NEW YORK: March 1, 7.51pm
LONDON: March 2, 12.51am

New Moon on March 18 (Sydney) at 27 Pisces
New Moon Details:
SYDNEY: March 18, 12.11am
NEW YORK: March 17, 9.11am
LONDON: March 17, 1.11pm

Full Moon on March 31 (Sydney) at 11 Libra
Full Moon Details:
SYDNEY: March 31, 11.36pm
NEW YORK: March 31, 8.36am

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As you might know, the planet of communications, Mercury, goes retrograde three to four times a year. What this actually means is that from our point of view here on Earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards. It’s an optical illusion with a symbolic meaning. When Mercury reverses it’s time to re-do, rethink, revisit and revise.

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With the skies a little less stressful than they have been lately, we have a chance to enjoy some of the finer things in life, such as romance and the flow of abundance in our lives. So click here for info about the moves of the romance and riches planet Venus this month…

Venus will spend most of March in Aries – click here is what that means for YOU.


Now let’s take a moment to think about many astrologers’ favourite planet – Jupiter. Jupiter is basically your good luck planet. Where Jupiter goes, good times, maybe some excess, expansion and adventure usually follows. One of the key phrases for Jupiter is “lots of” because Jupiter is the planet of “lots of”. Right now, Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio so we are getting “lots of” Scorpionic things – with money, sex and power being the main themes. These includes issues about previously taboo topics (Scorpio loves a taboo) such as medical marijuana, questions around sexuality (the last of the same sex marriage debates), on-going issues around euthanasia could well come to a head during this cycle (Scorpio rules death), and … the entire #metoo and #timesup movements. In fact, exactly when Jupiter entered Scorpio, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple actresses. Jupiter is also what you could call “the publicity planet” so as he sails through the signs, the subjects encapsulated by those signs get to be front and centre.

And this month? Jupiter goes retrograde. What is that going to mean for everyone? Click here for that info…


Meanwhile, the planet Mars is on the move. Mars takes around two years to go around the chart. This month, Mars moves back into Capricorn towards the middle of the month. So wherever you have Capricorn in your chart, you now have the planet of action and drive, Mars (see here for more information about that).

Mars goes well in Capricorn because Mars is the energy planet and Capricorn is the stamina sign. Put them together and you get sustained energy in whichever part of your life and horoscope chart Mars is triggering.

Read your full length stars on

Have a marvellous Mars!

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