Wednesday 17th of January 2018

Leo daily horoscope – January 17 2018

Whatever you busy yourself with is fully in the frame today, Leo. New beginnings are on offer, so steer your focus towards everydayscheduling. Whether it’s your work life, your role as caretaker, mother, or another duty or occupation, you can embrace a fresh outlook in ways you serve and organize – both yourself and others. Have you got your free New Year’s Gift yet? Discover your number 1 challenge and opportunity in 2018? Click here for our free mini-guide that will help you to create, plan and predict your life.

Leo weekly horoscope – October 16 2017

Your personal life is still on the up and up and up.

The only thing holding you back from achieving whatever it is you’re dreaming of is; your mind.

What are you thinking? Are you doubting yourself? Do you believe you can make your dreams come true? Do you feel like you’re stuck or do you realise the world is your oyster?

This New Moon triggers your Mind Zone so work out if you need to change your ways of thinking.

Leo monthly horoscope – October 2017

Your thirst for knowledge is on the increase especially if you’ve ground to a halt in your current job or course of study. Follow where your curiosity leads and be open to learning or the chance to gain new qualifications. This would be a good month to master a language or update your skill set.

Look out for an opportunity to share what you know whether you’re invited to teach, present or write an article. This is a powerful time to implement your learning over the last year and pass on what you’ve discovered.

If you have a website or you run your own business, experiment with video, audio or blogging. What you say won’t always be popular with other people but if you feel passionate about challenging the status quo, speak up.

This month heralds the start of a year of expansion when it comes to your home or family. You might be moving home and a decision to visit a new country or unexplored territory could be the beginning of a new life chapter. An addition to your family is on the cards, whether it’s a pet, a step-family or a new baby.

When it comes to love, this isn’t the month to change your current situation drastically. Take your time whether you’re getting to know someone new or you’re in a shaky relationship. Snap decisions aren’t recommended. Instead focus on your own life and maintain some independence if you are in a relationship or married.