Wednesday 17th of January 2018

Libra daily horoscope – January 17 2018

Clearing out the clutter can make you feel better about life. It’s amazing how groaning cupboards and ready-to-explode drawers can make your head hurt. The same goes for emotional clutter. Opening up to family and loved ones about your true feelings will clear the air so you can move on. If you feel called to get in tune with the Moon, start by downloading this free PDF with all the New and Full Moon dates for 2018.

Libra weekly horoscope – October 16 2017

So here comes the New Moon in Libra for another year.

How awesome is that? It’s very awesome! It’s your annual chance to start all over again.

This year in particular, with Jupiter having just left your sign last week, it’s time for you to contemplate the importance of confidence.

Think about how believing in yourself has made a major difference to your life these past 12 months. Then store that knowledge away, so you can use it when you need it.

Libra monthly horoscope – October 2017

What a month to be you, Libra! It’s no secret that relationships are your sign’s specialty, but you’d better take your vitamins, because there’s a parade coming through. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and mighty Jupiter himself are all set to pass through your charming sign, turning up the volume on that already legendary magnetism. Needless to say, if you’re happily attached, you may have to do some damage control, because at least one someone who doesn’t know you’re spoken for may do some serious flirting – right front of your sweetheart. You’ll know what to do. Accept the compliment, then turn to your partner and make quite a show of the fact that you’re together. A little jealousy never hurt anyone, of course – in fact, it can be quite flattering – but allowing it go beyond the playful stage is a definite no-no. If you’re not with anyone at the moment, however, think of October as a buffet – and do at least have a teeny taste of everything. The Universe has gone to great trouble to arrange introductions for you with quite the motley crew of possible companions. Some will activate your curiosity, some will leave you cold, and some will fit nicely into the Friends Forever department. One, however – possibly someone you cross paths with after October 10 – will appeal to you for a bit more than their conversation and manners. Prepare yourself for an instantly deep, intense connection you’ll want to explore at length.