Friday 19th of January 2018

Pisces daily horoscope – January 19 2018

Your day dreams could contain clues now about how to unstick a sticky situation. Your night dreams could hint at how to help a friend. Shared projects know just how to implement your intuition. Compassion comes easily. Note all the signs and signals. You’ll need them soon enough. If you feel called to get in tune with the Moon, start by downloading this free PDF with all the New and Full Moon dates for 2018.

Pisces weekly horoscope – October 16 2017

The New Moon this week is in your Sex and Money Zone so if you would like more of these in your life, now is the time to work out what steps you can take to make it happen.

Do it while you have the heavens on your side.

Expect more chances to improve your sex and/or financial life – but you have to take action.

If you’re scared about something now, stop focusing on your fears and look at the big picture.

Pisces monthly horoscope – October 2017

The big news is that Jupiter shifts into Scorpio on October 10. This marks the start of 13 months when your life will expand and improve in at least one of the following areas … education, publishing, commerce, foreign countries, imports, exports, religion, law, philosophy, travel and adventure. It’s also the best time [in the last 12 years] to go on a heavenly holiday, preferably somewhere overseas. So start planning your itinerary and saving your pennies ASAP.

The Full Moon [on October 6] brings up issues involving finances, values and/or self-esteem. You’ll find the less you base your core self-worth on money, status, image, physical appearance and unrealistic media expectations of what beauty is, the healthier, happier and calmer you’ll be. Mercury moves through your finance zone until October 17, so do your best to improve your financial literacy: especially when it comes to a mortgage, superannuation payout, tax return, alimony or will. Then the New Moon [on October 20] encourages you to start a savings plan, employ a new accountant, or sort through financial paperwork and bills that you’ve been putting off.

With Venus and Mars both visiting your relationship and intimacy zones, love and lust are definitely on the menu this month. If you are attached, find fresh ways to bring more romance and passion into the partnership. Singles – if you’re looking for love, you’ll have to be proactive. Draw up a wish-list of all the wonderful qualities you are looking for in a life-time partner. Then go out and get them!