Here’s your weekly Cosmic Column which takes a big picture look at the overall astrology for the week ahead. Like the Saturday week ahead calendar, it’s a look at the overall themes of the week ahead. Here we go a bit deeper on the biggest theme or themes of the week.

Watch out, it’s gonna blow!

There is one really stand-out astrological alignment to be aware of this week and that is a clash between the planet of anger and testosterone, Mars, and the planet of chaos and awakenings, Uranus. Think of Mars as fire and Uranus as electricity and you will start to get an idea of their energies.

As you can imagine, fire and energy don’t really mix at the best of times. That said, if and when Mars and Uranus align harmoniously, as they quite often do, you get great energy for making things move along and happen quickly. It’s as though the wheels of the Universe are electrified and as they turn, it’s easier to make events come to pass. However when they clash, as they are doing this week, you get fire, short circuits and electrical shocks.

Beware short fuses!

So mind how you go now. If you have a short fuse yourself or you’re dealing with someone that does or if you’re involved in a really tricky situation with someone, this is a week to breathe before you react!

I know that I recommend meditation ad infinitum here but really, there is nothing better for helping us to react to stress. Even just a few minutes of it a day will help you. It won’t stop stress from coming into your life but it will increase your ability to handle it. It does this by quickly connecting you to your Higher Self, which is the opposite to your regular self which can have knee-jerk reactions, which does what it does with little regard for anyone or anything and which is basically drive by ego.

Also note that we are in the waxing cycle of the Moon. It’s all about what’s rising up in our lives, about what we want attract it and manifest. However the closer and closer we get to next week’s Full Moon the more intense the energies will be. Cue temper tantrums!

Feel your feelings

No one is saying we should bypass our feelings. But before you lash out this week, take a moment to ask yourself “what is my best move here?”

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