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Mercury is going retrograde……

Today Mercury – the communications planet – starts a retrograde cycle. This time around, it’s in the sign of Leo. I had an email from someone recently asking if Leos will feel this more than anyone else and the answer is yes – but also no! Reason being, we all have Leo somewhere in our chart. That’s just how astrology works. So today, your forecast looks at where you can expect to feel the Mercury retrograde cycle this time around. If you would like to get ALL the Mercury retrograde info for this cycle and future cycles, grab out Mercury retrograde eBook here – with everything you every wanted to know about Mercury retrograde through all the signs and houses and elements and everything else! It’s here. Or if you would prefer we work it all out for you, click herefor your personalised Mercury retrograde chart.
MERCURY RETROGRADE IS HAPPENING IN… Your 12th House Of Secrets. On the one hand, this Mercury reverse cycle could well see you battling with the question re if you’re going to honest with someone about what you really want and what you really feel. If you’re being pressured to reveal your hand but you’re not ready, don’t yeild to the pressure. If there’s something you know for 100% sure you want to keep secret, that should be easy enough – for now. If you’re involved in some kind of deception though, take care. What you can keep a lid on now may not (will not) stay hidden forever. Far better to come clean and prepare yourself for when the secret is revealed. The other main possible manifestation of this cycle is that you will be asked by the Universe (asked – or required) to have a look at something which scares the pants off you. Face a fear – and see if that doesn’t make it evaporate. Perhaps you are about to have a classic AHA! breakthrough as you face up to one hidden fear, or ‘driving force’ behaviour, which trips you up again and again – you probably know the one I mean. That thing you do to shoot yourself in the foot over and over. Stop it, stop it now! PS If you want to take some time out and even go on some kind of retreat now, the Universe totally supports you in that. Want to work with (and not against!) Mercury retrograde? Get your personalised Mercury retrograde chart based on your time, date and place of birth here