Virgo Horoscopes

Virgo daily horoscope – February 24 2018

Your ruler continues through the sign of Pisces, gifting you with words of compassion, empathy and romance. Have a heart-to-heart with someone or indulge in your creative spirit through writing. Both the written and spoken word can boost your popularity and reach if generated from the heart rather than the mind.


  • Discover your opportunities and challenges in 2018
  • Know the twists and turns in crucial areas
  • Find out what’s likely to unfold for you at work
  • Get a handle on your love life
  • Know when the New and Full Moon is coming
  • And loads more…

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope February 18 to 25 2018

There is romance in the air, dear Virgo. Now, as one of the most practical signs of the zodiac, you will often eschew romance as something of a waste of time. You’re all about getting things done and sorted and sometimes all the frou frou that goes with love seems like a distraction to what really matters. But newsflash Virgo; romance really matters! So if you have someone you love, romance them this week. And if you’re single, get out and mingle.

March 2018 Monthly Overview for all signs

MARCH MOON REPORT from Yasmin Boland

After the rollercoaster ride we have had in 2018 (thanks to two eclipses), March should feel a bit like a gentle exhale in many ways. That said, there are still some standout moments in the skies this month, not least of which is a Blue Moon! A Blue Moon is defined as the second of two Full Moons in a month, which is what we get this month. The first is on March 2 in the sign of Virgo, the second is on March 31 in the sign of Libra. Wedged between these is the New Moon in Pisces on March 17.


Truth is, a Blue Moon itself has little to no astrological significance per se. However what it does mean is that within the space of one month we get two Full Moons, and Full Moons are always perfect times for getting rid of negative energy of any kind. A few ideas for things to do at the double Full Moons this month:

1. Howl at the Moon, obviously!
2. Do a forgiveness ceremony on both Full Moon nights – all the emotions rise to the surface at Full Moon time, all the better for us to access them. Forgiveness is the best way to clear emotions and karma. Process and release.
3. Put any crystals you own outside on the nights of the Full Moon to give them a beautiful recharge.


Mercury, the planet of communications, goes into another retrograde cycle this month. This begins on March 23 and will last into April. Ideally, making any travel arrangements before that date (as far before as you can!) Mercury retrograde isn’t bad luck at all, however it can be a time when plans go haywire. It’s also the perfect time to make sure your photos and other files are backed up.


The energies on these dates will be extra intense for everyone
1. March 1 – romance is in the air
2. March 11 – don’t annoy your boss
3. March 13 – allow romantic drama to pass asap
4. March 20 – a good day to talk about love or money
5. March 30 – possible ego clashes

Virgo Monthly Horoscope March 2018

If you’re not loved up but you would like to be, it’s time to throw yourself out there again! Attached? A new cycle starts here. How it goes depends on how things are. If you’re not each other’s fantasy, re-find the love! Also this month, the Virgo Full Moon allows you to turn a corner. Chase your dreams, for everyone’s sake! Read More