The skies are really intense this week, as we move from last week’s New Moon to next week’s Full Moon.

The Sun is moving from gentle Pisces and into fiery Aries, then clashing with Mars. That alone is going to change the vibe.

Please note, this is in no way any kind of positive judgment for Pisces or negative judgment for Aries. As regular readers will know, we all have both Pisces and Aries in our chart somewhere – it’s just the way astrology works. (Want to find out about your chart? Click here!)

But the sign of Pisces is softer and dreamier, it’s about poetry and communing with the Divine! Whereas the sign of Aries is hot and determined and doesn’t mind fighting for whatever it wants and/or believes in. Remember, too, the Aries planet Mars was the God of War!

So naturally we are going to feel something of a cosmic climate change this week as the Sun makes its annual move into Aries (called ‘the Aries ingress’) and then clashes with Mars. That clash actually suggests the energies will be quite volatile this week and in the coming three months!

Also note that although some countries meteorologists have declared March 1 as the change of seasons (from winter to spring in the northern hemisphere, and from summer to autumn in the southern hemisphere) in fact it was traditionally the move of the Sun into Aries which was the marker.

If you like to acknowledge the seasons, this is the week to do it. In fact, March 20 (northern hemisphere) and March 21 (southern hemisphere) marks the 2019 equinox.

It’s the time when night and day are of equal length in nearly all the time zones in the world. In the northern hemisphere, it’s the time to start to emerge from winter hibernation, as the flowers start to bloom. Down Under, it’s the end of the summer – time to start to think about hunkering down!

Energetically-speaking, no matter where you live, this is the time to rid yourself of anything or anyone that you feel is holding you back.

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