This is one of those weeks which just stands out a mile, in terms of the major astrology action taking place.

It sees Saturn, the planet of hard workand all things gruelling, changing signs for the first time since 2014. Saturn will be moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn.

This means if you’re Sagittarius (or Sadge Rising – find out at, you have every reason to let out a whoop of relief and to get a t-shirt printed saying “I survived Saturn!”

If you’re Capricorn or Capricorn Rising? Gird your loins – you are now at the start of a hugely important cycle which, if you pay attention, can be massively constructive and important.

For the other signs? We all have Capricorn in our chart somewhere (that’s just how astrology works) so we are all about to get the challenging Saturn energy in a new part of our life (read your weekly horoscope for more info).

One thing to know about this new Saturn in Capricorn cycle is this; every planet has a ‘home sign’ – a sign where it is especially happy to be, so to speak.

When the planet is in that sign, its energies are more purely and less acrimoniously expressed.

The good news here is that Saturn in Capricorn makes usually grumpy, tedious and testing Saturn slightly less difficult. At the very least, it’s as though Saturn is now feeling better about life, is less up against it and therefore less likely to cause issues. This new cycle will last until 2020.

This would be an ideal week to do a 12-month plan for your year ahead, by the way, thanks to this move by Saturn combined with the week’s New Moon (see below). Saturn loves a plan, and Saturn in Capricorn loves one even more!

Also this week, we get the last New Moon of the year; the New Moon in Sagittarius. Be sure to make your 10 New Moon wishes!  The New Moon takes place tomorrow at 5.30pm.