What a week! We get Valentine’s Day, an eclipse and a whole lot of really intense astrology.

Perhaps the first point to make is this; Valentine’s Day is obviously known for romance and there are possibly quite a few promises made on February 14 which don’t stand the test of time, but this year should be different.

Not only will Valentine’s Day 2018 take place under the eclipse (which happens two days later) but the first planetary alignment after the eclipse is a very solid link between loving Venus and Saturn, that planet that always delivers on its promises.

Being that V-Day is also very popular for people popping the question, this augurs super well. If you happen to be one of the people proposing or being proposed to this February 14, know that your future marriage looks enduring (assuming you say yes, of course!)

Romance aside, this week is also very interesting and promising for business, friendship and finances. If you’re doing a deal of any kind, have the meeting or sign the contract around 9am Sydney time if you can, to tap into the very good money juju.

And remember that a New Moon eclipse, which is what we have this week, is the ideal time to wipe your slate clean and start all over again. If you have already messed up your New Year’s Resolutions, use this eclipse to recommit to your dreams.

The New Moon eclipse will take place in Aquarius, so if you’re that sign or have that sign rising (find out for free at www.moonmessages.com/freechart) there is extra potential for you to start all over. But even if you’re not Aquarius or Aquarius Rising, there is excitement forecast. Check your weekly stars for more information.

If you want to do a New Moon wishing ceremony, 8.05am or as soon afterwards as you can. Take a moment to make a list of all your hopes, dream, goals and intentions for the coming six months, and how you plan to achieve them.