This week brings one of the most romantic astrological alignments of the year – however if you’re involved with someone you don’t’ trust 1. Why? and 2. Hmmm!

The link is between the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of dreams and soulmates, Neptune. This link happens about once a year and is always very promising. Moreover, though, we are in an especially love-potential-packed period in time, because dreamy, poetic Neptune is also mid-way through a stay in the idealistic Neptune, who, like lovers the world over, wears rose-coloured glasses and lives and breathes romance.

So if you are with someone you love, make Wednesday night your date night and do something special. Get a bit more dressed up, go somewhere a bit fancier. All this goes double if Valentine’s Day last week was in any way lacking. It’s the time to re-find the love.

However do also note; Neptune is about dreams and seeing people idealistically – but there is a downside! If and when you get involved with someone who is not on the level, Neptune can actually play out as deception and disappointment. Sorry about that!

There is something wonderful about seeing people as the highest version of themselves, as we do when we are in love. That’s very Neptunian. However sometimes we can see that that way, through the prism of love, but it doesn’t mean they behave that way, right?

So if you’ve involved with someone you’ve lost trust in, treat carefully this week, lest their foibles start to show. It’s a good idea to ask yourself if this situation is ever going to change, and if not, what are you going to do about that?

Because Venus is all about abundance, too, this information could equally apply to a work colleague you’re not sure you can trust.

When Neptune is so strong, it’s hard to be too logical, though, so feel all your feelings this week but wait before you make any decisions or take firm action.