The first thing to know is that we are now in an eclipse season. We had the Full Moon eclipse last week and next week we will have the New Moon eclipse.

This makes this week the ideal time to really and truly think about what RUBBISH from your life that you need to be rid of.

Recently I have read some criticisms of the ‘New Age’ where people said it’s all “rainbows and unicorns” and pretending that everything is perfect when it’s not. Nothing could be further from the truth for me, even though I consider myself and my practises quite New Age.

For me, this part of the monthly lunar cycle, the waning cycle, as we move from Full Moon to New Moon, is all about looking at the dark side, the part of life that we don’t want to face or sometimes even admit to.

It’s about letting it go and realising that no one is perfect, including us. It’s about making amends with the part(s) of us that we don’t feel proud of, of processing whatever we have done that we feel bad or even ashamed of, and/or of what we feel we have failed to do.

We are all on a journey, towards enlightenment. It might not feel like that sometimes, as we pitch from bed to public transport to work to the supermarket to the pub and home (or wherever your trajectory takes you!)

However if you spend just a few moments in contemplation every day, breathing, meditating, doing yoga, chanting, whatever floats your boat, then you will start to feel that connection between you and all there is. You will also find it easier to forgive yourself and anyone else for anything you feel needs forgiveness.

We have just had the Full Moon eclipse – it’s the time for some radical forgiveness. Write it down and then burn it!

This week, there is a lot of room for positive developments re love and money. Good communication is called for. Release the negativity and good can follow.