At the start of each year, I check the power dates for the year ahead.

Eclipses are obvious hot spots (this year they take place in Cancer, Leo and Aquarius and in January, February, July and August).

If a slow moving outer planet like Jupiter or Saturn changes signs, that’s another big astro-headline – this year the major one is the move of change-maker planet Uranus into Taurus, for the first time since 1934. So that is quite major – more about that in your weekly Stars as we get closer to the date.

Then we get what I call Power Dates – dates when the more powerful planets are connecting.

Here is the list for 2018:

16 January 2018 (Jupiter sextile Pluto)
14 April 2018 (Jupiter sextile Pluto)
25 May 2018 (Jupiter trine Neptune)
19 August 2018 (Jupiter trine Neptune)
12 September 2018 (Jupiter sextile Pluto)

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that the first of these power dates (Jupiter sextile Pluto) takes place this week.If you have a goal you want to reach this year, start it this New Moon week! More about that in your weekly stars.

Moreover, notice that all of the dates have something in common; Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good times.

As a result, put simply, 2018 should flow more smoothly, especially for Sagittarians, Pisceans, Taureans, Cancerians, Scorpios, Capricorns and Virgos. That just leaves Aries, Geminis, Leo, Librans and Aquarians. For people of those signs, there is still a lot to look forward to, don’t worry!

Overall, the astrology of 2018 gives us plenty of reasons to be cheerful. Is it possible that the world can become a better place in the 2018 because Jupiter is happy? Sure!

However as a disclaimer I should also point out that 2018 also promises some financial chaos, as disruptor planet Uranus moves in and out of money sign Taurus from between May and November, so stay tuned for that.

The New Moon takes place on Wednesday at 12.17pm AEST – make a wish!