It’s a standout week – for better or worse! This week brings an eclipse – the first of 2018 and a Full Moon (lunar) eclipse at that.

As regular readers will know, Full Moons are all about releasing negativity. We all need to do that! Ideally we would do it daily. A meditation practise will do it for you. When we meditate, it’s as though we do fast-track therapy dealing with all the little niggles and annoyances from the past 24 hours (or longer).

However we are all busy and it’s not always easy to convince people of the wonders of meditation!

Alternatively, using the Full Moon to release upsets is ideal. As you might know, astrologically the Moon represents emotions. As the Moon swells to fullness, our emotions do to. That’s why we all tend to go a little “loony” at the time of the Full Moon.

A Full Moon eclipse is all that but on steroids. The Full Moon eclipse this week takes place in the sign of Leo so it’s the ideal moment to ask yourself:

  1. Have I been too self-centred, egotistical or proud?
  2. Have I been treating the people around me like minions?
  3. Have I been arrogant, vain, pushy or pompous?
  4. Have I been expressing myself creatively enough?
  5. Have I shown myself enough self-love?

As well, on Wednesday night (before Thursday 00:26am Sydney time) take some time out to have a think about what upsets and dramas you want to release from your life. Do just read this. Do it! Write it down. Write as much as you can (by hand). Go into the details. Dredge up the past and feel the feelings and express them (get it?) on paper. And then burn the paper, saying “I forgive you, I forgive me, I forgive everyone of everything in all directions of time!”

This is a powerful ceremony any Full Moon but especially this month because the Full Moon is an eclipse. Use it or lose it!