Happy New Year!

Looking at this week, there are OH so many astrological events to consider.

Overall, there are very good prospects for love and money for everyone this week; sexually things are super-charged; plus there’s a very good vibe for making an agreement which sticks, especially towards the end of the week.

All these possibilities are on offer all week, thanks to the very active planets, so decide what you want in these areas of life. The skies are on your side.

Drilling down a little; Monday and Tuesday, in particular, are the best nights of the week for date nights. Watch out for temper tantrums on Tuesday night. If you have a contract to sign, try and do that on Friday or Saturday before 5pm.

The other thing to note is that we are in the waning cycle of the Moon, moving from Full Moon last week to New Moon in about 10 days’ time. That makes now a wonderful time to release any energies you need to let go of from last year or before that.

Last week brought the first Full Moon of the year, on January 2.Sadly there was no body+soullast week so I didn’t get a chance to remind you that this Full Moon was the ideal time to do some “letting go” work, releasing issues you have hanging over from the past.

The good news is that the current waning cycle of the Moon means it’s still a great time to forgive and move on, so you can start 2018 afresh.

If you’re not sure how to ‘release’, try declaring this aloud, with feeling (from my book Moonology, inspired by Catherine Ponder): I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace.’