How’s about a little chaos?

The planet of chaos, Uranus, is being triggered very soon. And by the Sun, it is, too. In other words there could be some egos (the Sun) flaring out of control (Uranus).
We are now in the eclipse season, and the Full Moon eclipse is going to take place in your sign. That means you are probably already feeling a tad on edge, even before we throw the madness of Uranus into the mix. The best thing you can do now is have a really good think about whatever in your life you need to release. You know the drill; what doesn’t spark joy? But it’s not just about releasing clutter…

The Full Moon eclipse is coming

Working with the Full Moon eclipse means tuning into it, feeling the energies and doing some release work. Our new free Moon Lite Club has all the info you need to do that – register for free here.