Exclusive invitation for manifestors EVERYWHERE: heal and become a more powerful manifestor at the eclipse​

The Great American (Manifesting) Eclipse 2024​​

On April 8, there will be an eclipse that could change your life - but you have to get ready for it!​

Unlock Your Manifesting Powers Ahead Of The 'Great American Eclipse'​

Manifesting is about more than just closing your eyes and making a wish at New Moon.

That's super important.

But actually it's what you do in the LEAD UP to the New Moon that really counts.

​So here's a 30 minute video for you to watch which explains exactly why and how to do this.


This is a very special web class that is almost guaranteed to change your life, if you watch it, digest it, and just do it. But sign up now because the longer you do it ahead of the New Moon eclipse on April 8, the better. Its...

​* 30 minutes long

* evergreen

​* free

Your Moon Manifesting Journey Awaits:

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You'll also get these 3 excellent and super helpful bonuses to boost your manifesting

A simple guide to creating New Moon rituals

A New Moon Meditation with Binaural Tones

Your Archangel Guide to the  eclipse

Your Host (not pictured!)

Moonology creator Yasmin Boland​

This is a time to start all over again, what ever you have been through. The New Moon eclipse in Aries (the one they're called The Great American eclipse on April 8) is a true cosmic line in the sand for us all.

So where do you want to go in your life, what do you want to give and how confident are you in your ability to do all that?

This eclipse 'has your back', as the Americans say!

​BUT! And it's a big but, to manifest powerfully at the New Moon eclipse, you have to do a little bit of spiritual house-keeping in the lead up to the New Moon. Which is why I created this video for you, so you can do the necessary and manifest more powerfully at the time of the eclipse... Great American or any other nationality!


Everything you need to do before the April 8 eclipse so you're ready to manifest!


Don't miss out! The webinar is launching soon - register today to reserve your place in what really can be a life-changing webinar - just follow the simple instructions


Before the New Moon, clear the path for powerful manifestation by releasing any barriers. It's time to elevate your vibrational frequency​


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